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We welcome you to our Website! On our pages we would like to show you the world of 3W – wind, water, waves!
Our surf stations are positioned directly on some of the best spots for wind- and kitesurfing! And our professional teams are waiting for you on site with the latest materials from Fanatic and North Sails.

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Why choose Boa Vista?
+ New: non-stop flight + Original, unspoiled island with little tourism
+ in keeping with sport and nature + with the utmost probability of wind between November and April

Boa Vista is a special highlight in the Capo Verde Islands and acquired an international airport in 2008. This island is more substantially natural as the neighbouring island of Sal. Discouver the beautiful deserted sandy beaches, small bars and homely ambience – nobody knows, how long Boa Vista will remain like this!

Our station is located at the north end of Turtle Bay, at Buccaneers beach next to Bahia Beach Club. This wonderful area, with a mile long sandy beach has the best entries on Boa Vista and offers excellent freeride conditions. You will have better constant wind conditions there, as there is no wind shield from the village of Sal Rei or the houses in front of the Hotel Estoril. Depending of the wind direction and strength, the mile long speed area in front of our station will give you speed runs in flat water parallel to white sandy beaches or an atlantic swell with long waves for the enthusiastic freerider or wave beginners.

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a map of CapoVerde Islands.

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The following areas are accessable from the start place:

Turtle Bay: A magnificent place with turquoise water and turtles. A swell 1-2m high forms an endlessly long breaking wave. A mile long speed run appears if you have no swell or if you are behind the shorebreak. This is a good startpoint for freeride tours to the island of Ilho de Sal Rei.

Funana: A Wavespot between the habour of Sal Rei and the offshore island. There is a 2-4m high breaking wave, which just invite you to ride it.

Stino: Because of offshore winds from the right the bay, Sal Rei has excellent shallow water conditions with a huge standing area of 150m. At ebb tide it can increase up to 300m


You will find enough space on the beach in front of our station to build your kite. The wind at the spot is mainly offshore and relatively constant, an easy possibility for starting directly in front of our school. Also wave enthusiastic kite surfers are in good hands of Daniel Joba, who runs the kite center at Buccaneer beach (Samudra kite) and is affiliated with the 3W surf station.
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